Spring Break

The "Spring"part of the break just isn't happening. So far, we have had strange weather experiences this week. On rainy days we managed to bake brownies, color, play SIMS2 and IM (the girls), and destroy the playroom and clean it up again. We also did this:

build towers with these stacking blocks/balls that my aunt sent. The boys love them! They roll, stack like a tower, and nest inside each other. They also make a super loud sound on the tiles when you "bowl" while mommy is on the phone!
Logan napped while he was waiting for us to get ready. Sometimes I put him in his exersaucer to keep him out of things. He can quickly turn the house into chaos before we leave. I have the hardest time leaving a messy house-so extra time is needed to do a quick pick up! Returning to messy house=grumpy mommy.

Somehow, someway, we are keeping busy this week. Even though I had dreams of going somewhere exciting, or doing a serious wardrobe (lack of closets here ) clean out of girly clothing....neither has happened. Cool weather is still here-no spring clothes yet! Daddy had a day off at the beginning of the break, so we went to the zoo in Neunkirchen. The zoo was o.k. There were enough animals to look at, and a few to pet through the fence. The nearby machine to purchase pellets was broken, and we couldn't read the information on the map for other locations (darn language barrier :)!). The kids played in the park area and had ice cream. All in all a nice afternoon. Now, it was mommy's turn...
There also happened to be a H&M at the mall nearby, and I reeaaally wanted to stop by and shop. I casually suggested that we could stop by Hooter's (Allen loves the hot wings there) AFTER we stopped by the mall-yes! Success. We ended up buying some kid clothes, and I am still thinking about a handbag that I liked. Maybe another day.
It's a good thing that we went to the zoo on that particular day, because most of the days since have been rainy, or look like this:
We did have a sunny day on Tuesday where we met daddy for lunch, went to the grocery store and played at a park for several hours. It had two neat slides built into the hill. I think the kids spent most of the time going down the slide. Logan spent most of the time trying to go down stairs. I was either chasing Logan or observing the construction of new houses by the park. My poor neglected magazine sat unnoticed. The kids had a great time! Mommy had a meltdown at the end of the day because she had to keep getting things out of the back of the van for kids, thus causing food items and the stroller to fall out, but it's all good now :).
Tomorrow we are going to my cousin's house for dinner! She is serving south-of -the-border goodies! One of our favorites! My cousin is deployed, so she might be just a little crazy to invite 7 guests for dinner. We are blessed to spend some time with her and our 2nd cousins. We don't get to spend much time with extended family. I know this post is somewhat disorganized. Somehow it changed the paragraph order. Since I can't seem to cut and paste and it's after midnight and this will be greeting me sooner than I would like in the morning...this is the end.

3 fabulous friends:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great comments! I always enjoy them and I love finding new blogs to read!!!

Rhea said...

That was a very rambling post, but I liked it. lol Glad y'all went to the zoo before the weather got worse and glad you're going to get to see some extended family.

Hang in there! The last picture was great. :o)

Bilary said...

Okay, first of all: Where did your aunt find those stacking balls? Hayden would LOVE those!

Second, sure, we all believe that your husband wanted to go to Hooters for their hot wings! Hehehe :) Just kidding! I just had to laugh.

Third: It looks like you had lots of fun at the zoo and the park. That slide looks awesome! My kids would have a riot on that thing. And I hear you on the meltdown when things fall out of the car. I hate the constant, "Mom, I need this, Mom I want that, Mom, Mom, Mom..." Oh, by the end of the day I hate the word Mom.

You are an awesome mom though, and I can tell you enjoy your kids! You do way more fun things with them than I do. My kids would love to have you as a mom!:)