We're having a quiet weekend so far. Allen took the four oldest to see a movie "Horton Hears a Who", and I just spent that time on base with Logan. I fed him lunch and looked around in some stores. One of them I never go into..the Swarovski store. You can imagine why I wouldn't venture into this crystal-filled store with inquiring hands. I also went into a Dutch shop that had food samples. You can also imagine why I haven't been in here either. I'm not big on samples that have been sitting out, especially when I think of other's kids touching them. Eck. They had some nice cheeses, those sandwich sprinkles, and yummy "stroopwafels". These are so heavenly either cold, or warmed sitting on a mug of tea or coffee. I love them so much, they just might be part of some goodie baskets being mailed for Christmas this year.

It was so nice just having one kid. I love my kids so much, but it felt so nice to be normal! It was nice not to be the mom with five kids. No looks! No silent counting! Logan and I sat out in the sun outside the cinema. He sat in his stroller playing, and I read a book. There was nobody asking me questions; there was no one running away; there was nobody wanting to go buy/look at something. It was heavenly.

The kids had a great time at the movie, with only minor spills of popcorn and gummi bears. All but Ryan were able to sit appropriately. He never sits for long anyway. We went to the community center to a restaurant that serves Greek food (yay for me) and fish and chips (yay for Allen). Allen and the kids made Rice Krispie Treats while Logan and I unloaded the dishwasher.

We are finally going to Daylight Savings Time this weekend. We will again be 7 hours ahead of CST...that makes it more difficult to make family and friend phone calls. I hope that we can convince the kids to go to bed as usual. It's hard to get them to bed when the sun is still up (or "awake" says Nick)!

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Bilary said...

What a nice day! I would love to just have one kid to deal with at a time. When I go out, it never fails that I get the, "Wow, you've sure got your hands full" comment. I have been tempted before to just say, "Yep, and it is especially tough considering the fact that I am only twenty-one." :) Why not, it would be fun to see the reactions? When I had Kate this past summer, all the nurses thought it was my first baby. Apparently I look that young. I sure don't feel that young.

So, did your family like the movie? I wanted to hear what other people thought of it before I take my kids. I think it looks darling, but I am just curious.

Oh, good luck with Daylight Savings Time. What a nightmare to get kids to bed. We did that a few weeks ago, and we are still adjusting. I just hate losing an hour of sleep. I'm lazy.

And about your comment on my blog, I wish my kids would "diaper" themselves too! Hehehe! Great comment! I'll be in touch!

Rhea said...

It's amazing how one little hour from Day Light Savings can mess up an entire household! It did us.

I'm so glad you had some one-on-one child time and a nice break. I can't even imagine keeping up with five kids all the time.

Did your kids enjoy the movie? I've been thinking about taking mine to see it.

Andrea said...

I really heard just basic comments about the movie after they came out of the theater. I think they liked it, but it wasn't a "we loved this movie reaction" either. Later that day and the next, more details followed. Apparently the mayor has 95+girls and 1 boy...and the we joked about the problems that caused. It sounds cute though. I am usually a Dr. Seuss reader, but this story just doesn't seem familiar! I didn't go b/c Logan is not a sit still kind of guy, and I'm not always a Jim Carrey (sp?) fan. I am waiting for the "Other Boleyn Girl". I read that last summer :)

Rhea said...

I read the Other Boleyn Girl also and really want to see the movie.