Please Forgive Me

I know, it's been A WEEK! I still haven't posted anything new and the birthday pictures are still MIA. I can't believe that the week has flown by. The past ten days have been a blur of errands, two birthday celebrations for Nicholas, Lauren attended a bowling birthday party, making spinach/strawberry salad (my fav!) for a pot luck, putting away winter and Valentine's decor, getting out Easrer decor, selling Girl Scout cookies on 3 occasions (both girls), Girl Scout Thinking Day, buying birthday gifts, making Greek hummous and tzatziki dips for GS event, making a display trifold about Greece for GS event, decorating a Sponge Bob cake, getting immunizations for 3 kids and myself, registering Nicholas for T-ball and kindergarten, and the other various weekly events. Yesterday it snowed! In March no less! It was nice because we stayed in and rested.

To end the busy week, I almost (well, maybe I actually did) lost it with Logan. On Monday we were out the door early by 8:50 a.m.(a record for us lately) to attend Ashlyn's semester award ceremony. She received "A Honor Roll"! Yea! After the ceremony we spent 1 -1/2 hours registering Nick between the school nurse and the registrar. We decided to get a sandwich and do some errands. It was raining and Ryan was walking slowly, as usual. He is famous for this. We were pretty wet, so I decided to take the boys and sandwiches to a coffee cafe and eat. Bad idea. Logan is the type who believes that the way to get immediate results is to scream and screech. That is NOT my idea of effective communication. I was getting so frustrated with his screeching that I finally pushed him (in stroller) around the corner and told him "no screaming" very firmly. He continued to cry. Offering him food was either not effective or fast enough. I went to pick up my coffee (vanilla latte) and as I sat down with him he grabbed it off the table and it splattered everywhere. I mean everywhere-the wall, on my pants, in my shoe, in my tote bag, the floor, on his shirt....arghh! I wanted to cry and leave, but packing up a crying baby and two boys with various lunch items and leaving a huge puddle on the floor was just too much. I pushed him away from us and proceeded to clean up. A nice man sitting nearby took pity (probably single and plans to remain childless after witnessing this baby and his tantrums) and found an employee with a mop. I am sure that the group of people ther having conversations and using their laptops were happy when we finally left. The afternoon continued with two rude drivers and ugly parking lot situations, frustrating registration (and lack of sports physical), returning home to drop off three kids and make the return 20 minute drive (with the other two) only to discover that the meeting was cancelled (isn't there a reason that I gave my mobile number?). So later in the evening, when Logan started emptying cabinets, pulling cookbooks out and flooding the floor with the water cooler-I lost it. That boy is relentless-and busy-and high energy. I had a bad mommy moment that had been building up all day. He was soon in bed where he could take a break.

Oh! The one good thing about the day-he made a sign for "more". I had been showing him that instead of screaming and he did it! He laughed and thought it was funny. Maybe he really needs his communication to develop right now to keep up with his expanding curiosity and abilities.

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Bilary said...

Your life sounds like mine right now. I keep telling Bill I just had more kids than I can handle. Not that there is anything I can do about it now. I just feel like I am half crazy most of the time.

So, not that I am glad you had a rough day, but I am glad someone who seems to have it all together all the time has a rough day too.
Makes me feel a bit better.

And it could have been worse...you could have had a kid puke or something all over instead of just spill your coffee all over:) See -glass half full!!!

I hope you have a better day today!!!