Nicholas' Birthday

Finally, pictures are uploaded. Looking back, Nicholas had a fantastic birthday. We went to the store to buy some cupcakes and food items for his "birthday dinner". He went to the toy store and spent the money that Aunt Kazumi, Uncle Scott and cousins Emily and Aylie sent . He happily picked out four Pixar diecast cars and opened them on the way home. He paid for them with his own money (love that) and told the cashier that he was five today. He waited anxoiusly until daddy came home so we could start his "party". We didn't have anyone over, just the family since it was a school night. He received a SpongeBob watch that he had picked out several months ago. It was funny that he was trying to guess what the gift was-he had forgotten :). We ordered him some Pixar cars (the "Hot Runners" and Chick Hicks) and "Mack" bachelor pad, but I accidently had them go to the wrong/old address. They arrived a few days later with big excitement!

Nick is talking to Nana and showing off his watch at the same time-talented!

We celebrated on Saturday again with extended family. We met up with my cousin's wife, Melissa and her three kids at a nearby indoor playland. We were happy that she was able to come and share in the fun with pizza, arcade games, and climbing tubes, etc. I spent the morning baking and decorating a SpongeBob cake and this is how it turned out-not bad! I just looked at
ideas on the net.
Some of the cousins and siblings
Nick received lots of money this year for gifts. He loves to count it (mizer that he is) and is debating on saving up for a Nintendo DS lite, or buying a knight costume. Melissa gave him these cool glasses on his card. He is such a birthday enthusiast, that he is already saying that he is "almost six" and wants a Lightening McQueen party next year. Poor guy. We usually have bigger parties, but I just wasn't up for it this year. He will have a bigger party next year since he will have kindergarten friends.

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Bilary said...

I love that cake! I should fly you out here for Rylee's next birthday. She is OBSESSED with Spongebob. (Truth be told - I think he is pretty funny too:)

So, here is my official dumb question of the year: Do you get Nickelodeon and Disney Channel and others like it where you are? Go ahead, laugh. I am just curious. I assume you do get it since your kids know who Spongebob is. I was just curious.

Andrea said...

Hi Hilary,
We have Sky Digital (I'm sure you can google and see a list of channels)that broadcasts from the UK, so we get all sorts of channels like Disney, Living, Nick Jr, Nickelodeon, Discovery, etc. We are limited on US news-we get FOX and CNN-everything else is European. Most shows are with British-speaking persons, so American t.v. gets annoying for me sometimes. Several channels are Welsh. We see some semi-current US t.v. shows, but they are a little behind (i.e. Am Idol,Lost, ER, etc). I know there are some channels that I have never heard of, but people mention, like Noggin. The other-I forgot. I'm sure there are more.

The cake was really easy. Just divide the sheet cake into the sections and decorate. Buy red and black pre-mixed, and use a photo for reference. I have faith in you!

Honestly, I am not a super-big fan of SB, but Nick likes him and he's growing on me.

Bilary said...

I still think you are amazing with your cake skills. I really don't know if I could pull that off with just a picture for a reference. I will remain forever impressed. Someday I will try it and send you a picture. Then you will see I'm not kidding. I don't think I could pull it off. We could get a big laugh over it though! That might make it worth it right there.