Lolly Pop Man

I heard the cutest word on t.v. the other night. We have Sky digital that broadcasts from the UK. They were featuring a woman who was trying to convince a high-traffic town to stop driving and walk. They called the person assisting children who were crossing the street a "lollypop man". I have never heard that! He was holding a round sign on a pole, like a lollypop! That makes the "crossing guard" term sound so unfriendly. Here is a cute link to a funny lollypop man situation. I remember seeing it on a funny show "Just For Laughs". Enjoy!

Here are some other UK terms that I like:

"trolley" for shopping cart

"dust bin" for trash can (it sounds so much nicer, doesn't it?)

"bin men" are the dear souls who collect the bins

"a flake" -a thin chocolate stick placed in a soft serve ice cream

"scone"-a yummy biscuit-type pastry that is slightly sweet. sometimes they have currants in them, but I prefer plain or cheese ones. It's a fun word to draw out the "au" sound-highly proper :)

"rubbish"-it sounds so much better than garbage

That's it for now, I may add more if I think of them.

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

How cute is that! I think I should start calling the crossing guard the lollypop lady. Our crossing guard is so cute. She holds her stop sign and does "air guitar" with it and sings when she isn't busy. She is darling!

Love the terminology too! The British are just so much more sophisticated than we are. Sad. We really have no manners here. But I won't get on my soap box about that one right now.

bauer zoo said...

any way you can send a "flake" my way? i could really use one today!
i always love finding other moms o'5 kids! i don't know how you do it though! i have tons of family around. i don't know what i'd do without all the grandparents and the rest within a 20 minute drive!
off to finish up some dinner, then to put the rubbish in the dust bin. (that does sound much nicer than take out the trash!)
thanks for visiting my blog!