The New and Improved Logan

After months and months of bugging me....I finally gave in to Allen's request to cut Logan's hair. It was really shaggy and the poor guy had hair sticking up everywhere! We had it cut Saturday morning, and he was amazingly still. It was very un-Logan-like.
I asked the lady if she could get rid of his attitude while she was cutting things away. I'm still waiting to see if it worked.

I know too well that it signifies the end of the baby stage, and I just wasn't ready to give that up! I know he will never look like that cute baby with his hair sticking up everywhere! Our pediatrician said that he looked like a little surfer dude with his blond spiky hair. Here are some pictures of that crazy hair at 3 months (Easter 2007) and two weeks-old. So sweet!

I love this little guy! I miss the hair, but he looks very handsome now! In fact, I think he looks like his older brother. What do you think? Here are two pictures of Logan at 14 months (L), and Nicholas at 16 months (R).

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Bilary said...

WOW! He looks just like his brother! How darling!

I am a terrible mom. I got out the clippers when he was two months old and started cutting his hair then. He HATES gettin his hair cut now. I have to hold his head really tight agains my stomach while I use the clippers on the opposite side of his head and then do the same for the other side. Quite the ordeal. But they look so handsome!

I love your pictures. You really do have beautiful kids. You must be doing a lot of things right! They are darling!