In the land of lace curtains

Seriously, I live in the land of lace-in every window. I have yet to understand this. Are they inexpensive? A tradition? I like lace curtains if they are the true Belgian lace, but many of these are just those net curtains-" lace-wannabees". By the way, I have linen curtains in the kitchen and the PBK valances in the kid's rooms, so I'm sure my house looks out of the ordinary.

Schedules seem pretty predictable here. I see the same people walking down our street, at the same time during most days. I see the same skinny jogger going up the hill and past our house about 4-5 times. I admire this man since we live off a pretty steep hill that makes your legs burn while walking uphill!

When I say things are predictable, I am also describing the delivery of daily goods. In the past weeks I have found myself home more often due to illness and snowy weather. That has allowed me to observe the daily deliveries. On Wednesdays the egg delivery man arrives. I couldn't believe it! Eggs! truck drives up and honks his horn. The little old ladies from across the street come outside with their egg crates and he fills them up. I didn't know there was such a demand for eggs. On Thursdays the "Gertranke Simon" truck arrives. He carries big crates of bottled drinks inside houses. I know that getranke is beverage, but I haven't figured out what type of beverages he is delivering, and if I might needed those beverages....
Here is the egg delivery truck!
On Friday there is frozen food delivery, and on Saturday I see the bakery truck arrive about 11:00 a.m. They have loaves of bread (brot) and all sorts of rolls (brötchen). We love the bakery truck, especially when they still have pretzels available. I think it's great to have home delivery services! When we lived in the UK we had milk and water delivery. The milk man delivered either pints or liters of milk, along with many other items (bread, sparkling water, juice, butter, yogurt, cheese, etc). My neighbor next door had fruit and veggie delivery from an organic farm. What a great idea! I also loved having home delivery from the Tesco grocery store. It cost an average of $6.00-7.00, but if you consider the cost of gas(we did not have a store in our village), and not having to drag kids through the store-it was well worth it! Delivery of items that you place in your bag online, right to your door! And the window delivery time is only 2 hours! You only need to be at home during those two hours, and then get on with your day. Loved. It.

We won't even discuss the sad fact that I now know the delivery schedules on this street. I need to get out more.

If I get a cute picture of a house with those infamous lace curtains, I will post it :).

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Rhea said...

I'd love to see a picture of a house with the lace curtains. Try not to make the neighbors suspicious if you snap a photo. lol You have definitely been home too much to know all the delivery schedules, but that could be good in case there's a crime and the police ask questions (have I seen too many movies or read to many books?!).

There's something nice about predictability...with a little sponataneous thrown in for good measure!

Grocery delivery is awesome. Keeps you from making too many impulse buys and from dealing with rowdy children.

Andrea said...

I was wondering how I could take a quick picture so nobody would notice! Having said that, yesterday my oldest son told me that a lady took a picture of our flowers in the front of the house while I was fastening his brother in the carseat. I didn't see her, but I saw she did have a camera. I'm not sure why she would do that. It's not like we have an amazing garden-weird.