"I cannot go to school today...."-just like the super cute Shel Silverstein poem, we all have been sick here. That sickness has covered all realms. No one was exempt. Coughing and stuffy noses could be heard all around the house. As for myself, I can actually breathe for the first time in 11 days. What a blessing! I really missed breathing. It has been about 7 years since I have felt so miserable (bronchitis, congestion, borderline pneumonia, aches, low fever, headache, sinus pressure). Ironically, our laptop decided to get sick also, and didn't want to connect to the Internet. I just didn't want to go up to the computer on the 3rd floor, so I have been offline most of the week. Logan happened to be pushing keys on it last night and the Internet decided to connect again. He's a genius, I tell you.

Even though Allen didn't feel so great, he did take all three boys for errands and grocery shopping on Saturday. He said that a lady commented about the boys (hopefully being good) and he gave me credit and said something along the lines that his wife does this all of the time! I didn't describe it well, but it was meant as a compliment. There is nothing like a dad spending a day with the kids (while she feels like doing zilch) to remind him just how much his wife does.

The boys and I walked down to the town today for some fresh air and to pick up a few items from the store. We stopped by the bakery on the way home for some yummy cheese pretzels. Nicholas prefers this big sandwich cookie thing that is shaped like a banana with chocolate on the edges and in the middle. I'm not sure what it is called! It was nice to get out, but it was cool and cloudy. I like cool weather, but Nick worried because his hands were getting red. He didn't want his hat and gloves before we left, by the way :).

The girls had standardized testing at school last week and felt really good about most of it. Ashlyn came home one day and was asking questions about the American Revolution that were on her test. Lauren knew the answers because they were learning about it in 3rd grade. Oops! I guess Ashlyn will have to research that subject. We laughed because American history was not a priority in her British school theses past years-imagine that! Ashlyn does know about the Crimean War, the 100 years war and the War of the Roses, which I'm sure is not included in US curriculum. I don't remember learning about them.

Last week we had a nice non-homework week due to the testing, but the girls arrived home today with folders in hand. Lauren typically works frantically on her homework with a pencil that is two inches long (no kidding) with no eraser-always. It doesn't matter how many pencils and erasers I buy this girl, she always has a terrible pencil.

What else.....oh! Spring Break is looming ahead and we have no plans. For some reason that bothers me. I guess I just want to be superficial and be able to say we are going on this fun, awesome holiday over the week. If we don't make some last minute plans I really need to make some daily plans or else we will spend the week doing the fun things-you know...laundry, swiffering, cleaning out closets. Maybe we can make some trips to the library, park and an indoor play area.

That's a small update-thanks for coming back to check in with us!

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Bilary said...

I'm sorry you have all been so sick. It is terrible when you are the mom and you get sick. I hope your kids were big helpers for you. I'm glad you are feeling a bit better now.

I love the pencil bit. You will be glad someday that you wrote that down because it is the fun little details like that that we all miss as time goes on.

Good luck on the Spring Break stuff! I am always a big dud when it comes to that stuff. It is just too much to take kids on a trip anywhere right now because if we are in the car for more than ten minutes they are whining that it is taking SO LONG to get there. Let us know what you decide! Maybe I can glean some fun ideas from you for our Spring Break this weekend!

Glad you're back! I missed you!:)

Andrea said...

Hey you! You made a comment while I was still editing (well, ehm, internet surfing and checking e-mails also:).

The pencil thing drives me insane! I always have to tell her to get a good pencil before we start :)

Thanks for the comments! You make my day :)

Bilary said...

You are awesome! Your comments always make my day too! It's funny how much you look forward to just that little bit of validation!

See, I love your blog. I even come back after I have left a comment. I promise, I am not "Blog Stalking" you:) Conversations with you are just fun! You are someone I think I could get in lots of trouble on instant messaging with because we would just talk and talk and I would get NOTHING done!

Rhea said...

Oh, no, I'm so sorry you were sick. What a wonderful hubby to take the boys to run errands. I can barely get my hubby to run errands, much less take the kids with him.

I LOVE Shel Silverstein. He one of my favorites and my boys love him also. :o)