Since the laptop has so graciously allowed Internet access recently, I have been on it more than usual to catch up on e-mails, blog lurking and commenting, etc. The oldest daughter has apparently installed Messenger on this computer and I have been constantly fielding "Hiya" comments popping up at me. Sometimes I reply back that Ashlyn is a) at school, or b) in bed (some log on late at night). I should state that many of the girls sending her messages are schoolmates in the UK who are currently on term break (the week-long break between the three 12-week school terms-make sense?).

I guess I'm glad that she has friends who are so anxious to interact with her, but I'm wondering why I haven't set this up for myself. But then again, who would I IM?

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

Me! you could IM me! Then, I would really get NOTHING done - EVER! Seriously, I think I could have some fun conversations with you.

IMing is fun. I usually only IM my neighbor down the street or my hubby once in a while. I'm not on it a lot, but I have fun when I am.

Let me know if you get it set up! Then I will give you my email address and we could have lots of IMing fun! :)

It's always fun to have a quick conversation about dinner ideas or craft with the kids ideas or other things like that!

Rhea said...

I don't IM with anyone either. Your Logan and Nicholas do look a lot alike at that age! Such cute kids.