No More Complaining

I don't want to hear anyone complaining about expensive gas! I just paid $0.94 per liter for gas! That is around $3.50 per gallon! We have been paying over $2.50 per gallon for years though in the UK. It's not as though we have many options. It's either buy on base for that price, or on the economy for $8.39 per gallon (Germans pay € 1.44 per liter)-yikes!

We've had sleet, snow, ice and more snow flurries this week! It has snowed more in the past week than it did in the winter months of December and January. The snow really put a kink in our Easter egg hunts and celebrations. I will post pictures tomorrow with some details. We are finally online again with the laptop. For some reason, I just didn't make it up to the 3rd floor computer to post anything or check e-mails frequently over the past 4-5 days.

Check again soon! :). I promise I will get to it.

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Bilary said...

YAY! I'm glad to see you again! And I will stop complaining about gas prices.

I would love to see your Easter pictures. It has been kind of cold here still - snow off and on -but we had good enough weather to make it fun for the egg hunting.

Are there any fun traditions there for Easter? You will have to let us know what you all did!

Again, good to hear from you again! You were missed!