Only 1 hour until Nick's birthday!

He has been talking about
it and planning it for over a year...stay tuned for details. He is really looking forward to turning the big "Five". I tell him to stop growing...he tells me "No mommy...I'm going to get bigger and bigger until I'm this big!" (arms sprawled in every direction) .
This is what he told me today,
"Mom, you're making this the best day ever"
Me- "Yeah, why is that?"
Nick- "Because you made me a great lunch!" (the standard PBJ and a yogurt cup). How easy is he to please? Well, some of the time....
The best part? This is the last family birthday and then we have a 6 -month respite! Whoo Hoo!

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Rhea said...

I've enjoyed your pictures and posts. You must have your hands full with five kids! I live in Texas, but I have been to Germany once. I thought it was beautiful (the Lahn River is where we stayed). I bet you have lots of stories to share!

Bilary said...

Look at how cute he is!!!

I love the picture with the hat and binkie. That is so adorable. And he has a smile that lights up his whole face in the next picture. How cute! I love the newborn pictures as well. What beautiful coloring and gorgeous hair!

It is so nice to have a kid that only needs a PBJ to have a great day. What a keeper!

Happy Birthday!

Yay for you...I am jealous of your nice 6-month respie!

Rhea said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. That's so neat we have so many areas in common.

When I went to Germany in 2000, we stayed at Hotel Lahnblick in Balduinstein. I think that's how it was spelled. We also visited the Mossul River Valley. It was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he is that OLD!!! He was (I am sure still is) such a sweetie!