It's 9 p.m. on the night before a holiday, and my children are still up. No worries, they are heading to dreamland and soon. Before that happens, there are bathroom reminders and diapers have to be changed, mouths and hands have to be washed again. Daddy gave them these "Fear Factor" eyeball popsicles (or ice lollies for those UK readers). I can't believe that I let Nicholas talk me into buying those. I hate, hate that show, and these things leave tongues/hands/teeth a black color. Lovely.

The boys are waiting for shoulder rides from daddy, and the girls are getting last drinks of water. Ashlyn spent last night at a friend's house, so I am sure that she needs some sleep tonight. Nick is busy flicking Logan's ear. This is Nick's method of a greeting and loving gesture to others in a strange way. He began twisting and turning his own ears, and that led to flicking others' ears very lightly. I hope this phase passes soon!

Logan needs one last top off and then he's ready for bedtime. He gets restless when he's tired. I wish he liked to cuddle more, but he needs his space. A new episode of "Lost" is coming on soon. Yea! Adult time.

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Bilary said...

Your bedtime routine sounds like ours. Getting them all tucked in every night can be quite the chore. It is fun though. I think I make it more hectic though because I always wind my kids up right before bed. I have this thing with wanting my kids to go to bed laughing. I always want that to be their last memory of the day...goofing off and laughing hysterically. Then they can be tucked in where they feel happy and loved and safe and drift off into their little dreamlands!

Then..some adult time is always great! No Barney or Strawberry Shortcake, or whatever else on TV. Nice to watch what you want for a change, huh!