Shame on Me

I did something that I am always harping on the kids. They are always losing or leaving something. I didn't notice it until recently, but I lost my winter coat!?! When? Who knows. Several weeks ago it had been fairly decent in the daytime. Not warm, but I just layered shirts with hoodies and out I went. Then, we had a day of snow flurries. I didn't want to look silly outside without a coat, but couldn't find it! It wasn't in the car, in the storage upstairs, coat hook, etc. I can only guess that I left it in a bathroom or on a chair. I take it off when I help Nick in a bathroom (icky germs and all). Honestly, there are limited places that I have been recently, but I cannot even remember when I last wore it. Sure, I have several other coats, but don't want to wear them. One is a black quilted-type and the other is a beige all-weather. I don't want to wear them, I want my green one with the faux fur trimmed hood. I just need to retrace my steps-for the last 4 weeks :).

Update: Well, only about a month after losing the coat, it was found! I happened upon it when I was early to pick up Ashlyn at her GS meeting. I had just returned from the gym and didn't want to sit to close to the group :). I sat on the stage and looked to my right-coat. I felt so silly and relieved. With recent freezing weather, I am so grateful for the find.

BTW-I can't seem to get the spell check to work anymore. So, if you see something blaeteaintly (:)wrong, pleaze furgive me.

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Bilary said...

I can't get spell check to work either. And I am way too lazy (or busy) to proof-read all of my posts. They are probably full of errors. We will just say it adds personality!

About the coat, I feel your pain. I hate when I have to eat crow like that. Last week, I couldn't find my cell phone and I totally blamed it on Hayden and said he always runs off with it (which he does) but when we found it, it was in my black hole of a purse. Dang it. I hate that!