Weekend Events

I took a break from posting this weekend. I have been trying to get rid of yet another sinus infection. My immune system has been on high alert lately. Last weekend we were busy with ice skating at a rink in Kaiserslautern. This was Ashlyn's first time and she loved it! She is such a good rollerblade skater, that I knew she would have no problems on the ice. They had this penguin to rent, so Lauren, Nicholas and Ryan took turns gliding around with it. We even turned it around and Ryan stood on it to go faster. It was tiring after a while trying to assist three kids on the ice. The next time we go, I will have to convince Allen to give it a try. I'm not sure who had a harder job, though. While I was managing the slippery, legs flinging around kids on ice, Allen was managing a screaming Logan on the sidelines. Almost everytime I passed him he increased the volume.
We also went to a Girl Scout "Cookie Kick-Off" event to start cookie sales. Boxes of cookies should be at our house soon, so if you want some, please let me know! The less we eat and buy, the better :).
This weekend, we-did-nothing. Nada. Well, we did go to the commissary for groceries, and eat at Pizza Hut-but that was it. We all have been computer game junkies lately. It's very pathetic. I have been trying those hidden object games, like Madame Fate, and it's too addictive. The kids can do the searches as well. Ashlyn and I were also playing the new Diner Dash and Dress Shop Hop. Winter douldrums has set in. Spring had better come soon, before our eyes and hands are permanently attached to the computer.

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

I love the skating pictures. How fun! My girls would be jealous!

And the cookie thing - don't even get me started! I buy SOOOOOO many girl scout cookies every year. I cannot get enough Samoas! Nothing better. I seriously spend probebly $100 a year on girl scout cookies, which sadly means I probably eat $100 worth of girl scout cookies per year...It is worth every cent!!!:)

Bilary said...

Sorry, one more thing...I got so wrapped up in Girl Scout Cookie heaven that I forgot to see if you are feeling better? I wondered if you were sick when I didn't see new posts from you.

It is so hard to get better when you are a mom and have never-ending winter!

Get well soon!!!