This is what has made my week

These are several things that have made me happy lately :). This is the smiling face that greets me in the morning after sleeping all night. Sometimes he starts jumping and hits his head on the toy at the end of the crib! And these are the flowers that I bought on base for $12.00!! (for both bunches). They have lasted almost 2 weeks. When I told DH how much they cost, he commented that the same roses would be 5x that amount in February. I guess that answers my next question that I had for him :O. Since these roses have wilted, I have replaced them with some white tulips. I like this time of year when tulips are so easy to find.

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

What a sweet baby boy. He is darling! Does he always wake up so happy?

Love the flowers too! I love pink. It just makes a room brighter, I think.

Andrea said...

He is really happy once I finally make it in there. I do try and get some other things done before I get to him becausae once I have entered his room, it's all about him! That picture was actually after a nap, since I don't think about the camera in the a.m. And thanks for asking-I am feeling better for the most part. You are sweet for being concerned :)