Logan and his dad

Allen had to return to relaxing on the beach, erm, I mean working in Crete when Logan was almost 3 weeks old. From that time, he only saw Logan through pictures, and one time on the

live camera on the computer (I actually figured it out!). He returned home when Logan was 6 months old. He had spent a long day at several airports in Greece, missing trains in London, only to take a very expensive taxi to get home at 3:30 in the morning. I stayed up waiting. After the initial hugs, he asked about the kids. I said that they were asleep and he asked if he could turn on the bedroom light where Logan was sleeping and said "I just want to see what he looks like". I feel teary remembering it. Needless to say, I have given them plenty of bonding time.

3 fabulous friends:

Betsy said...

Oh man, I'm teary too! What a sweet memory. It does have to be tough on those beach bums, I mean dads!

Bilary said...

How sweet is that! There is nothing like how sweet a dad is with his kids. They really bring out the big teddy bear in men.

Adorable pictures! Love them!

mindy said...

Thanks so much for the comment on our blog! It is a small world! I love that new playground – it’s way better then what used to be there. =)

Very cute and adorable pictures!