Why we leave our shoes at the door

While the kids and I were waiting in the car recently we observed an old man first spitting multiple times on the sidewalk as he walked along. He topped the performance by blowing his nose on the sidewalk and kept walking. We were all speechless. Enough Said.

Speaking of shoes, a few of us tried on some different ones and went ice skating this afternoon. Pictures will post soon.

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

Oh sick! Is that a common thing to see there?

Kind of reminds me of how almost every man I have ever met blows their nose in the shower. What is that? (Not that I have seen all sorts of men in the shower - this is coming from wives!) Just had to clarify that.

Makes you want to make disposable shoes. Hey! There is the million dollar idea! Then you just need a trash can right inside your door!

Andrea said...

I have seen tons of guys spit (in the US and overseas), but never blow the nose! Ugh. It makes you want to give him a folded hankie or tissue. What happened to manners?
I didn't know about the shower?!? I will have to ask around :).
Hmmm.maybe I can put those surgery cover shoe things by the door?