6 Months

(o.k. I just couldn't leave this post alone, and tried to mess with the spaces. I made it worse. Help!)

I arrived in this country 6 months and 1 day ago. Initially I didn't like it. I didn't like the weird feeling that I had getting used to driving on the right side of the road again. I didn't like not being able to go into a restaurant or store and be able to ask for something without stumbling on my words. I didn't realize how much I depended on language within my environment-advertisements, store signs, information signs. I missed being able to understand the news and weather on the radio. It's hard getting utility and phone bills in the post box and having to interpret them. I think we are all getting more comfortable here and we are looking forward to warmer weather and a chance to travel and explore. We lived in the UK for eight years. That is longer than I have lived in most places! Four of my five babies were born there. It will always be a special place.

Things we miss about the U.K. :

  • Our friends. We made some great ones. Some are still there, and others have moved on. Some are trying to get back here!
  • Spending a day in Norwich, Bury St. Edmunds, Cambridge. It was fun to shop, play on the green, and explore the area.
  • Taking the train to London. It took several hours by train and tube, but it was worth it. The masses of people, the red buses (coaches), undergrounds, cafes and stores everywhere, theaters (or theatres). My last visit there was with the girls. I called my mom from outside Harrods. I was teary. I told her how I would miss it. She understood-she missed it, too. I am surprised that she could hear me from a mobile phone with traffic noises-halfway around the world. There was just something cool in thinking-I went to London. Silly, I know.
  • The dialectal differences. The word differences. The personality differences. Most people were friendly-some stoic. That's o.k.
  • Markets in the town center. It was a nice place to buy fresh veggies and fruits, flowers, odd gadgets, etc. Bury St. Edmunds has a great one on Wednesdays. Starbucks was nearby, too. (sigh).
  • Our primary and preschool in Beck Row Primary. The teachers were great! The teachers knew all of the children, and most of the parents, even if you didn't have a child in their class. There are only 7 or 8 teachers, and about 110 students. The girls really miss the school and the lunches! Many are homemade and offer a variety of fruits and veggies. They have improved most recently, thanks to Jamie Oliver. Seriously, we are doing our children a great disservice with the school meals offered here. Frozen, bagged items-they can get that at home ;).
  • Exploring castles and historical sites. I really enjoy British history. I think Windsor Castle, some of the castles in Wales (names?), Lincoln Castle and the town of Lincoln, Sandringham and local estates were my favorites. I know there are many castles and beautiful sites here in Germany. In fact, we can see Burg Lichtenberg from our house. Trier is slightly over an hour from here. I think it borders France and Luxembourg. We have been there once, But I would like to go again.
  • Being able to smell and touch the yummy items at Lush. Some favs include "Honey I Washed the Kids", "17 Cherry Tree Lane", "Rock Star" and "MaBar". I also like the homemade face masks.

  • British tea and tearooms. There were several nice ones nearby. I'm glad that I stocked up before we moved. The tea at the commissary just isn't the same as Tetley, Typhoo or the ones from Whittards. After I linked this I saw that Whittards is now in the U.S.? Oh, happy day. Whittards and Boots (at Target?)!

  • Friends, did I mention that? :)

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

You make me want to move to the U.K. I would love it there. The markets to buy fresh fruits and veggies and old stuff sounds absolutely charming. I would love it there.

And I love history. I am terrible with dates, but I love the stories. So fascinating. Thank you for sharing some of the things you loved about it.

Betsy said...

You're making me teary again! I know just what you mean. The longer we have been away from the UK the more fondly I remember it! It was a good time and I know we'll get back there again...maybe then there won't be any infants or 'pushchairs' to worry about!