Logan's 1st Birthday

I, personally think this is a fabulous use of my flowery crock pot! I am always multi-tasking. This guy needs a hug :)

We are a few weeks late in posting these, but, eh. We had a great family night with cake and ice cream. For once, I didn't make the cake! Wilton would be so disappointed. I guess that's the difference between the first and fifth child. We love him just the same. The big hit was the Busy ball Popper! All of the kids LOVE this.
Wait!! Is that a lighter within reach of our precious baby! I am red-faced. The shame of it. A momentary lapse I am sure. Thanks to DH for helping me with uploading these. Bear with me while I figure things out :)

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Bilary said...

Oh look at him! How cute is he! Don't worry about the lighter. At least they usually have the little saftey thingie on them that makes it so little ones can't use them. It could be a knife! He is so sweet.