Ahhhhhh Sleep!

It feels like Logan has finally understood the benefit of sleep. I can actually put him in his bed now and listen and.....just quiet. Ahhh. He really didn't get it until November or so. Yep-that was about 10 months of interrupted sleep for me. He is the kind of baby that gets louder if you go in his room and just pat his back or turn on some music to "distract" him. Understandably, now that he is sleeping much better, he is much happier ( and so is mommy!). I am always trying to find ways to enjoy him. Don't get me wrong-I really LOVE him with all of my heart , but there have been some days that I really didn't like him (the fussiness, LOUD CRYING, frequent night waking, and little tantrums have all added up over time). He really is becoming a sweet little boy. He like to imitate sounds and some words (like "poop"-always an occurrence in a baby's day). He loves to laugh-especially if someone is lying on the floor-his territory. He will roll all over that person.

So, back to the sleep. Now that he is sleeping, I need to change my habits of staying up late and actually take advantage of the quality sleep that I could be having. So, having said that-I am off to sleep! Both Logan and Ryan have wellness check-ups tomorrow. I will post the stats later.

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