Did someone make a switcheroo?

I thought we had a 12-month-old in the crib, but he seems to think he is a newborn again. He just isn't as cuddly as a newborn-too squirmy! He has been awake during the night 3 of the last 4 nights (twice last night)! Help! Maybe the sleep fairy will sprinkle a little dust on him and keep him asleep. If not, maybe I will take a few sleeping pills and let DH deal with the newborn in disguise. Point being, this waking up has really rocked me. I forgot how it was to wake up several times a night. It hasn't been that long ago, really.

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Bilary said...

Oh, man. That stinks! I hate that when they regress to old habits! And I don't know about you, but I do not handle no sleep very well! Hope it gets better for you!