On a Brighter Note

Getting up so early yesterday allowed me to get quite a bit done! Here is a small sample:

  • 3 loads of laundry washed and 3 others put away
  • dishwasher emptied and refilled
  • playroom cleaned
  • a basket of random papers, stuff to file...tackled
  • several overdue phone calls...accomplished
  • 2 girls picked up at school
  • aforementioned girls and 3 boys taken to new playground by school for an hour
  • floors of 1st and 2nd floor "swiffered" and mopped-we'll tackle the 3rd floor later :)
  • breakfast, lunch and snacks for 3 little guys
  • e-mails...somewhat cleaned up old messages...needs more work
  • 3 packages sitting in laundry room...now ready to mail

Of course this doesn't include the daily picking up of toys, wiping up messes, etc.

I do feel another cold coming on (the 2nd in two months!). I had one just last month that turned into an ugly sinus infection. Hopefully this will keep me caught up for a while.

And...tah-dah!! The SUN finally made an appearance today! (Hence the playground detour ). We haven't seen the sun much. There has been a grey, ugly cloud hanging over Germany for the past few months. It seems to like us. My mother will be nodding in agreement as she reads this.

Ryan helped me push the swiffer today. He has been worried about some dust bunnies that he has seen, "Look Mommy, dere's the dust bunnies...we need to wiffer". It seems like a never-ending battle with tile floors (do they just "hide" in carpet?!?). It seems like we just tackle one or two floors and they are back within a few days (sigh). Hmm..maybe Logan can help out by eating them :)-just joking..although I cannot be totally sure that he hasn't contributed in some similar way.

3 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

Wow, you were a busy girl! I envy all that you got done. Yesterday, it was a miracle for me to get a shower (which didn't happen until almost 3:00 in the afternoon AAAHHH!)

Okay, I know I said I felt like I know you in the last post, but I am all excited that you were raised in Houston. We lived there only for a year (while I was pregnant with my second child) and we loved it! I would go back in a heartbeat! We lived in Spring and met so many awesome people there. I loved it!

Andrea said...

Yes, it was an unusually accomplished day. I have waaayy too many days of being less productive. Texans are very nice as I happen to know one or two, or many (most of my family ;) Who knows? We may be transplated back there some day...hopefully not in the West Texas region again. Too many tumbleweeds for this city girl!

Bilary said...

I really was surprised when we moved to Texas. I expected the tumbleweeds. When I saw how green it was I was pleasantly surprised. I was very sad to leave because I thought it was so beautiful there. The thunderstorms, though - WOW! I love thunderstorms, but the storms there are crazy! I still miss it though.