The one where we can't go to kindergarten and L gets braces

Got your attention? I forgot to tell Poppy and Nana (despite at least 10 phone calls) that there is not a place for Nick to attend kindergarten at the local school until September. I know Poppy will be sad. It seems that there are waiting lists everywhere and we arrived too late to start. Oh well. That means that Nicholas can stay with me for a while longer. We can play and color at home a little while longer. I will miss him next year when he goes off to school. We did put Ry on the list though. Maybe he will be the German speaker in the family.

Lauren had a dentist appointment today. Apparently, they are going to try and correct several of her teeth with a few braces. She is excited, and is already planning what colors she will choose each month. Oh boy.

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Bilary said...

Enjoy having your kindergartner home with you. They leave so fast. I know you already know this, but I am a protective mom who hates that they grow up. How dare they?

And about your blog link on the side of mine - I love your blog, and I really do visit it almost every day. You are awesome. I hope someday I can meet you. You are awesome!