Autumn Revisited

Pictures of the market, "Eis" and Cathedral in Trier

Sports and Birthdays!

Here's what we did to fill our autumn days: Lauren celebrated her birthday! It wasn't a great cake, but she wanted a chocolate cake, and my cake decorating stuff was still a mess. Ashlyn was a cheerleader for the local football team. The kids, Nana, Poppy and daddy visited the Burg Lichtenberg, took the tourst train in Trier (the oldest town in Germany) and saw the cathedral. There is also a view from the Burg. Our town is on the far right, I think. Many villages look the same here as many have similar rooftops and are nestled among the valleys and hills. I also included pictures of the market in Trier, and the "eis" (ice cream) and bakery shops (yum!). While Nana and Poppy were here we also visited Heidelberg Castle and the dinosaur exhibit and gardens in Kaiserslautern. The kids celebrated Halloween at the Youth Center on base, since it is not celebrated here. Instead, they dress up in costumes in the weeks before Lent for "Fastnacht". I didn't miss having to buy 15+ bags of candy to hand out this year. Logan was a cute monkey for his first Halloween. When he wasn't monkey-ing around, he was helping with laundry. I need all the help that I can get since the instructions are difficult to read, and there are mounds of it multiplying daily! Ashlyn also celebrated her birthday this fall. Since her birthday is so close to Thankgiving, we bought a cake from the commissary to make it easier for this busy mom. It was very yummy by the way! Now, I will try and get those winter/Christmas pictures organized and posted! Enjoy.

Burg Lichtenberg-can you see the people peeking from the top window? Lauren can see this small castle from her bedroom-she loves it! Also a view from the top tower.

Halloween 2007

My Helper-a.k.a "one man wrecking crew"

Kaiserslautern dino garden (see the boys?) and Schloss Heidelberg

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Bilary said...

I am so jealous! it is beautiful there! You seriously live in such a gorgeous place? You would die to fly into the place I live. The mountains are beautiful, but it isn't nearly as green here. That is one thing I really miss about Houston - the green EVERYWHERE! Not so much the case here.

Aaahh, it looks like heaven there.

And your one-man-wrecking crew: I love it! That will make my husband feel better about our son. He worries about him because he gets so excited to help me with laundry. Thanks for posting a picture of another little tyke doing the same thing! your family is adorable! I love all the pictures!