Fooled again

I went to a store called Hela this past weekend. This is a variety store that sells all kinds of home items (like Home Depot), but it also has various decorating items (like Target and Hobby Lobby). I purchased some plant items, and Ashlyn looked in the pet center (uhm-no way, sister!).

A day of unpacking and shopping called for something chocolate. This particular store also happens to have a bakery on the way out. Perfect!

I arrived home and inspected this delish cookie. It is an oblong butter cookie with a filling! It even has chocolate sprinkles on the top and along the filling. Yum.

Wait! Fooled again! It's not chocolate! It's hazelnut!?! Don't get me wrong. Hazelnut is good, but when you are expecting chocolate and get something else-blech. This happens all of the time to me and Lauren (my other chocolate lover) at the bakeries. We choose a "chocolate" cookie or pastry and find out (usually later at home) that it is the infamous hazelnut or a spice-cookie-thing that seems to be the norm around Germany. I think they call it lebkuchen. Again-good, but not chocolate.

Sometimes a moment calls for a good chocolate, and nothing else.

Well, o.k. Twist my arm and I will eat it-but I won't like it.

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Bilary said...

What a disappointment! I LOVE my chocolate and I can't stand it when something fools me like that. I won't even let someone twist my arm and make me eat it. YUCK! Give me chocolate or give me death!:) Just kidding. I am really tired - hey, maybe I need some chocolate...

LiteralDan said...

They seem to love their hazelnuts in Europe in general. They're not bad, but I don't see the (apparent) obsession.

I agree that sometimes only chocolate will do, and I'm not even a woman.

Anonymous said...

I'm loving the new look of the blog, girl!

Monica said...

OOH, I LOVE going to Hela!! It's one of my favorite stores here.