Computer issues

I have a post in progress.....I promise.....but the silly blogger won't let me do anything to the post but upload two pictures and type a title!?! Arghh!

Add that to the fact that the laptop is out of order since the LAN card-thingy will no longer work....AND I am now in the 3rd floor in 90 + degrees heat...and my head is getting kinda light :). It makes you wish for a new laptop, some A/C, and some more patience.

DH has ordered a new laptop to replace the dying dinosaur that we own.....no hope for A/C...not that we could afford to cool this house with the expensive energy costs here! All I need to work on now is the patience.....

But I just can't wait.

3 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

You are hilarious! I hate it when Blogger has issues, and I REALLY hate heat with no a/c. That really sucks! I hope you get your new laptop soon and that the weather just cools off soon for you. As for the patience, when you get that one figured out, please let me know!:)

LiteralDan said...

Computers may not have human-style intelligence, but they sure know right when to stop working properly.

Andrea said...

LiteralDan-you are so right. They seem to know when you are low on patience, and want to work quickly and get out of the hot third floor!

Bilary-My laptop will be here in a few weeks! Eek. It's just like Christmas-yay! It has the updated programs, more memory, and all of those other computer terms that I don't know about! :)