Great grandmothers are grrrreat!

A certain great-grandmother had a birthday several days ago. I tried to post this earlier, but Blogger would only allow the images to upload-no text. Crazy! I wanted to tell her "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!" and wish her a fun day. We had such fun on the days that we spent with her on vacation. She has a great laugh, and loves hugging on the kids. She has lots of grandkids, so I am amazed that she can keep them straight! She gave Ashlyn some crafy items like buttons and sewing necessities, which Ashlyn is anxious to try out. She also gave Ashlyn a quilted pillow, which she absolutely LOVES!! Ashlyn sleeps with this pillow, and was even sad when we packed it in her suitcase while we traveled. I didn't want "plane germs" on it, and so she eventually agreed. Here is a picture of Grandma Elizabeth with her kids. We couldn't get all of them to look or be still at the same time-so this was the best one :).

I really like this picture of Logan at Grandma's house sitting on his great-great (I think) grandma's chair! She remembers her grandmother snapping beans in this chair. I wonder how many grandchildren this chair has held?

Grandma and Ashlyn with her favorite pillow. What a great momento!

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Bilary said...

Hey Andrea,

I am so glad that you got blogger to stop being retarded for a while so you could get this post up! I LOVE it! There is something so special about grandmas. And I love when my kids are around their great grandma. I think they learn so many aesome, valuable things from them. I love that your kids were able to spend time with her. Love the pictures. They are priceless.

Okay, now for the memory:

This one is kinda funny because although I can't say we have any memories in person, I can say that I do consider you a true friend. (I love blogging!) It has been so fun to get to know you (and you give me bragging rights because I can say I have a friend in Germany!:))

Okay, seriously though, you have also been a bright spot for me. I have dealt with post partum stuff this past year and you have just been that non-demanding, fun friend that is always uplifting and fun. I would love to meet you because I feel like you and I would just click instantly. I think you have the same sense of humor that I do and you believe a lot of the same things I do as far as being a wife, mom, and member of this crazy world. You are wonderful!!!

I am also always amazed at the talent you have. I still remember that cake you made - holy cow, you are talented! You do fun things with your kids all the time (you make me tired!) and you are always so sweet when you talk about your family. I can tell that you love your kids with such an incredible force that they will always know you love them no matter what. You really are an amazing woman.

I also love that you aren't judegemental of me. I hesitate sometimes to talk to people about the religion thing because there are so many misconceptions out there. But you just seem like that is the last of your worries, and I feel like we just have this open line of communication going that is AWESOME! (Another reason why I feel like we would click instantly!) I just can't even tell you how much this friendship means! You are so genuine and wonderful and I really do hope that someday we can meet!

And last but not least, although it is trivial: You are BEAUTIFUL! And your kids are stunning as well! You have got such an adorable family and I love that you are willing to let me see what your family life is all about.

You are wonderful and I hope you can see it! I look up to you in so many ways and you are a wonderful example to me. Thank you for being my friend!!!

mindy said...

Awwww, I loved this post! Made me miss my Grandmothers…

I meant to answer the question you asked awhile back about the ERD thingy....so here is my novel...=)

My hubby has planed to take a different career path since his time will be up after this deployment. So he’ll be getting out of the Army right after they get home. We both have mixed feelings about this, but feel at peace with the decision. Since the decision is final, I want to go home and start getting the boys “settled in” – and I’ve also been extended an amazing job opportunity at the church we’ll be attending back in the states. It will really help me further my ministry goals and career. I’m excited and sad at the prospect of going back to the states – I’ve made amazing friends here and will be SO sad to leave them. On the other hand, I would love to start this job as soon as possible…and I’ll have my in-laws close by to help with the kids.

Of course, the paperwork has been a never ending process– and took 4 months of hard work to complete…and we’re STILL waiting to hear if we’re approved or not. The Army’s timetable is always…interesting! =)

Annnnyway – to answer your question on if I get to come back again…(don’t you love how I write a novel before I actually get to your question! Hahaha!) In doing the paperwork, I had to sign a document stating that the Army will not fly, move or provide housing for us to come back and stay. Which is ok since Chris won’t be staying here after his stabilization time. We’ll come back to visit when he gets back from Iraq – but won’t actually be able to live together again until he gets back to the states.

I hope all that made sense! =) My brain stopped functioning propely about…4 hours ago! =)

Have a great night!

Rhea said...

Happy Birthday to your grandmother! How awesome about the chair being around for so long. I love snapping beans, btw.

So good to hear from you! I've been on vacation the last week (auto-posting though) and am finally home.