Fighting for computer time

I have been trying to catch up on both posting and reading others' blogs. I can see by the lack of posts that many of us are either caught up in the last days of summer, or getting ready for school. I happen to be doing both. Multi-tasking....you gotta love it!

I am also negotiating computer time with kids and DH. The kids seem to have their current games loaded on this computer, and DH is studying most evenings and weekends for his upcoming promotional test. Please, Dell, do not delay my computer shipment any longer!! I would really like to finish some incomplete posts!

Well, we are off to cheer leading practice! It happens to be at the gym. It's time to dust off those trainers!

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Rhea said...

It's so hard to share the computer. My kids have some games on mine too. But, my older son got his own computer for Christmas last year, so he can play on his own computer now. Whew.