Don't you wish you lived here?

Isn't it gorgeous?!?
Can't you just picture yourself relaxing in the garden here?
This is not my house, but I wish that it was! It belongs to a friend who lives in a neighboring town. There is a small sign near the entry stating when the house was built, almost 200 years ago, I believe. The gorgeous leaves are a reminder that soon all of Germany will be an array of color!

3 fabulous friends:

Rhea said...

Oh, wow, that's just gorgeous! The house, the greenery, the big wooden doors...built 200 years ago?! Damn! That's impressive. I love it!

I'm sorry I haven't been by in so long. Good to hear from you!

Bilary said...

That is gorgeous! I am totally jealous! I would want to just lay around all day in the gardens there and read a book. Ahhh, heaven!

Anonymous said...

I'll be on the next flight! Tell them Mamaneena is moving in!