I have a new laundry assistant

Side note: I am trying to upload a current picture of this new assistant, and spellcheck--neither is working on Blogger today!?! This Blogger has been very mischievious lately! I will add as it allows.)

Meet Lauren, who will be my new laundry assistant for the next weeks. You see, this chick thinks that she is smarter than her Mama. Lauren loves to play Barbies, Ello, Polly Pocket, and Sims. She loves these activities so much that she will go to all lengths to squeeze in more time to do them. When she is asked to put away her laundry and clean up her room, she takes any and all shortcuts.

This mama is onto her game. I keep finding both clean and dirty laundry (mixed together) in many, many places in her room-under the bed, squished between the mattress and headboards, in boxes under her bed, stuffed in her wardrobe, and even rolled inside the rooms of her dollhouse!

If you have seen the piles of laundry that can accumulate around this house by seven people, you can understand how frustrating it can be to find once clean clothes rolled with dirty ones, now wrinkled, and meshed with dust bunnies hiding under the bed!!

So now she has the wonderful, first-hand opportunity to see just how much time and effort it takes to do laundry. Our european washer takes almost 2 hours per load, and the dryer requires extra tasks of emptying out the water pan extracted from the clothes. Then the laundry needs to be carried among three floors, put away, etc.

I think it will be nice to have a personal helper for the upcoming weeks! With school starting soon, we have been trying to get some last things put together, repaired, updated, cleaned out and organized, decorated, etc.

I hope this works.

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Bilary said...

You are an awesome mom! I can't believe you are doing that! It is just easier to do it yourself, but it will be a great lesson for her to learn.

Again, another reason why I look up to you and think you are "Super Mommy!"