School Prep

I have felt guilty this week about not posting new information, keeping up with e-mails or catching up on other blogs. After skimming through my Bloglines and Google Reader, it seems like many people are taking a break too! Whew!

We have been enjoying the last of the summer days, even though the temperatures seem to indicate autumn is coming soon. The range of temperatures has been 45-75 degrees lately. Our indoor/outdoor temperature gauge decided to freak out and says it is 6 degrees farenheit outside. So not true. We really depend on this item since we can't tell one day to the next what the temperature is, and how we need to dress.

We also have been getting ready for school. Ryan started school last week, although it was a few weeks later than his classmates. The German schools have a year-round sysytem, but a shorter school day. I had him start later since we were away for a good part of the summer break, and I also needed time to get his things for school. There was also a need for me to put off an early morning as long as possible!

I miss the days of getting the kids ready for British schools. School supplies were really not needed. The schools provided basic writing notebooks and paper, pencils, colors, paints, and the first writing pen. We had to purchase any other needed pens. We basically purchased school uniforms that consisted of grey trousers, dresses and skirts, black shoes, white or grey socks or tights, and the school sweater or "jumper" with the school emblem. The students also needed a P.E. kit, a small school bag (again with school emblem) and a water bottle. Easy!

Here is a picture that I found of the girls first day of school in 2004. How cute are those uniforms?

For the oldest three, I have been collecting the usual school supply list of folders, paper, markers, crayons, pencils, etc. I know that we will have to purchase classroom items (paper towels, tissues, etc) after we receive that list from the homeroom teachers.

Ryan's list for school has been completely different. First, there was the daunting task of filling out the long school information packet. I posted about it here. My landlord's wife helped me. She said that it was long and complicated, even for a native speaker. He has needed several items that required searching various stores on the economy. Here are the items that Ryan needs to begin school:

pyjamas (they change into these for naptime)
house shoes (I think they wear these a good part of the day?)
athletic shoes
change of clothing
nappies/diapers with mulchsachs (disposable bags for the stinky ones)
suncream and hat (summertime)
matschhose "mud clothing" (these are neat-they completely cover the lower half to keep kids dry and warm outside)
a bag with breakfast items each morning
a sports bag with shorts, shirt, socks for gym
a small blanket for naps
two photos (classroom birthday calendar and his cubby)
toothbrush and paste

It's a good thing that he has his own hook and storage shelves for all of these items. It feels like he will be moving in! His teacher told me today that he is already picking up on the language as he has been asking for help and saying greetings in German.

The girls started school this week, and Nicholas will start Kindergarten next week. We have several orientations and teacher meetings this week in the Kindergarten building. Nick can't wait (and neither can I!!!).

2 fabulous friends:

Rhea said...

Ryan's school list is wild! I can't believe how much they must change clothes (for naptime and outside time) and that they brush their teeth! Wow!!

He's getting such a cool experience though.

Bilary said...

Okay, my jaw is on the floor right now at Rylan's list. Holy cow! I am just shocked that he has to have P.J.'s for nap time. That is NUTS!

And all of the shorts, shirts, socks, mud clothing, toothbrush and toothpaste (I wish my kids would have to take those.) That is all nuts. So crazy.

But he will be able to come back to the states someday and talk about his cool school experiences.