I do love all things Halloween

Aaahhhh-just looking at the image is creepy.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I love the decor, the weather, pumpkins, the scents, costumes, candy, and the fun experience of being something else for the evening. The one part of the holiday that I do not enjoy are spiders. Blech. The little daddy-long-legs or small spiders-o.k., but the BIG, FAST RUNNING, LONG-LEG SPIDERS---no way!

I have noticed that summers are a spider-spotting time in Europe. They like to come in during that time, and they don't always leave. We do leave our windows open (no screens), and that is the perfect opportunity for unwanted guests. You can imagine my fear and disgust several evenings ago when I noticed a big, hairy spider on the wall behind my bedside table as I was getting ready to go to bed. Ugh. I tried to get him with a shoe, but he was too quick and raced under the bed! And yes, many times I do trap them and throw them outside. However, if it is a big one that is delaying bedtime-no symapthies. Sorry spider!

I searched and searched under and behind the bed with a flashlight for the next 30+ minutes. No luck. I then made my husband look for him. No luck. I relunctantly went to bed after carefully searching all bedcovers, pillows and the headboard. I didn't want any surprises. I'm not sure that I really slept that night as I frequently kept opening my eyes and making sure that he wasn't sitting on the bed with me.

Taunting me.

My imagination started to get busy. I killed a big one in the bathroom window last week-was this one avenging his friend? Did he have other friends? Would one be hiding in my shoes-clothes-magazines when I least expected it?

The suspence was killing me.

Last week Ryan was crying at naptime saying that a spider was on his bed. I checked and saw nothing. He started crying again and this time I found him inside the pillowcase. Eeekk! After two nights of carefully checking pillows and around the bed, I felt more sympathy for Ryan being afraid.
My husband doesn't understand the fear of bugs. I'm not really afraid of many bugs-just big spiders and roaches. Where I grew up in Texas, they are huge and they fly towrds you! AAAhhhhh!
I also despise flies.
Now my oldest daughter freaks out when she sees a bug, and it seems that Ryan is not keen on sleeping with them.
Hopefully...just maybe, I haven't turned the other kids to this fear of bugs and arachnids.
I just wish the bugs and other leggy creatures would stay outside where they belong. We would both be much happier that way.

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Bilary said...

Oh, that picture is really creeping me out. It is nasty! I agree with you, and I ma not nearly as respectful of our little critter friends - Nope, if they come in my house there is no chance of them making it out alive. They are dead as soon as I can get 'em (or make Bill get 'em!) Oh, so gross! I wouldn't sleep at all knowing that there was a huge spider crawling around in my room somewhere. I'd sleep in the car.

MamaNeena said...

I'm officially creeped out!
I have an unnatural hatred for spiders...and snakes...

Natalie said...

when i taught kindergarten we did a whole unit on spiders during the month of october. i wasn't a big fan of them either, but the kids thought it was cool!

Rhea said...

I like the new look on your site! Very colorful and beautiful!!

I don't like spiders and roaches. Most other bugs I can handle. When they invade my home, I freak out, totally. ICK

Urban School Teacher said...

I HATE spiders- and the idea of coming across a spider fills me with dread. I have noticed that there are even more spiders in and around our house this summer than last year, which is not a good thing.