Zoo Adventures

We have had a busy week with a visit from some friends from Holland, so I thought I would just quickly post some pictures from our summer trip to the U.S. At this rate, it will be next summer before I get all of them posted!

We spent a day at the Cinncinati Zoo on a warm (no, actually hot and muggy) day. We have a tradition of riding the train around the park first, so we can get a feel for the area, and decide where we want to go first. The boys loved the train, especially waving at the people waiting at the crossings. After the train ride, we followed the typical journeys through the park to see and learn about the animals. We bought tickets for a 4-D movie (cool air!) about the Earth. The 4-D part involved wearing the cool glasses, sprays of water, a poke in the back of the seat, and loud puffs of air. I'm not sure why this was necessary, but it made it 4-D instead of 3-D, right? It was a BBC production, and it really seemed pretty good. I can use the word seemed, because everytime the puffs of air or water appeared, Logan screamed. For anyone who has not heard him scream-it's an eye-opening experinece. He would then settle pretty quickly, but it would happen again. I was just at the point where I was going to take him out of the auditorium when the movie was over.

It was then that I received THE EYE from a mother with her school age girls in front of us. OOOPS. I guess I waited too long. She loudly asked her girls if they could hear it, because she couldn't hear it with the baby screaming. She then proceeded to walk up to the front, and complain (near us, as we were getting our stroller) that she wanted a refund because she couldn't hear it. "Hmmm...it must be nice to be so perfect and have such perfect kids," I thought. I really do regret not taking him out sooner. I just didn't think the sounds would be so frequent! I usually would be more aware of his screaming, but maybe I am just becoming immune to them, or the heat was getting to me. The cool air was just too tempting, maybe. Nonetheless, I lost all regret whan I saw how hateful this woman was being. I didn't let it ruin our day though.

We celebrated with ice cream cones.
It was much cooler in the bamboo forest area! Ahhh...Nick wanted me to take a picture of the peacock, but I cannot remember why...

3 fabulous friends:

Rhea said...

That woman was rude! Why didn't she just move to another part of the theater?! Sheesh.

Bilary said...

How fun is that! I love the zoo!

And, seriously, can I come over and slap that lady silly? Oooh, I am so mad for you! I'm glad you didn't let it fuin your day, but I hate people like that. I hope a bird pooped in her hair.

Andrea said...

Bwahahaha-wouldn't that be funny if a bird aimed at her!?!

Seriously, I know that I should have excused myself sooner.

She was one of those fru-fru people. You know what I mean-she was a little over-dressed to be at the zoo on a hot, sticky day.