There's nothing like a wedding

A wedding is a good excuse to get together with family. We attended a beautiful ceremony and reception for one of Allen's family members while in Indiana. The church was packed, and the queues at the reception were endless. I guess anybody who was anybody was there! There was a chocolate fountain, strawberries, an ice sculpture, and fancy hors d ' oeuvres.

Ashlyn and I had to see a close-up of the cake. Isn't it beautiful? It was yummy, too. Wedding cake ranks at the top of my list of desserts. We didn't taste the grooms cake. I am not sure if they even cut the cake, but it looked amazing!
Nicholas stole an opportunity to sit with grandma. It's aways good to have an extra pair of hands when you are at a formal affair with the kids, right? I completely agree.
The hotel had a very nice view of the Ohio River. The boys kept running around outside, and I kept wondering if there was a trail that they would find and tumble down by the river. Hmmmm....better not to know.

A rare family shot with the river behind us.

Sis-tahs! Does it get any better?!?
I'm not quite sure what Ryan was doing in this picture. The disheveled shirt and face would indicate it was toward the end of the evening......
It was a great opportunity to see quite a bit of people at the same time, thus saving us lots of running around visiting so many people. The kids were reasonable well behaved, and it is always fun to get dressed up! I think if I had planned ahead and brought some more comfortable shoes, it would have been a perfect evening. Somehow, the heels put a damper on the evening, and some blisters, too! Beauty does have a price.

3 fabulous friends:

LiteralDan said...

That's funny-- in that last picture, your son looks like every kid I have ever seen dressed up at something like a wedding, starting about 15 minutes in. Just itching to ruin those fancy clothes jumping in some mud or through brier patches.

Andrea said...

I think you are right! After closer inspection, my daughter's hair up would indicate the beginning of the evening (before she undoes the do), and thus total boredom had already set in! Uh oh! Where is that grandma?

Bilary said...

I love your family picture! You are all stunning! Your kids are beautiful, and so are you. You should have that picture framed.

I hate heels too! OUCH! They look fab, but they sure don't feel fab!