How to transition

Just what is the best way to transition from a month-long vacation in a different time zone (and country) and get back into your daily normal routine?

I'm pretty sure that the obscenely late hours and obsessive organization is not the way to go. I have cleaned out closets, drawers, cabinets, the laundry room, the bathroom-you name it. Maybe I am just getting prepared for the many boxes o' stuff that I just had to buy and ship here.

I think the other obsession of playing online computer games is detrimental as well. What gives?

Enrolling several kids in a week-long adventure camp (learning about China/Olympics and animals!!) will ensure early morning rising next week and a better "routine"-don't ya think?

I will let you know.

If I am still functioning, that is.

2 fabulous friends:

Bilary said...

I would have no idea how to get back into a routine after a month long vacation (was it really that long?) I think I would be a bit depressed.

But I do think you should take pictures of everything while it is all clean and organized.:) (Pictures really do make it last longer!)

LiteralDan said...

There are definitely worse ways to adjust than staying up late (jet lag) and cleaning. The computer games are just a healthy balance to all the work.

If you run out of things to clean, you can always head back to the US and start in on our place.