Summer fun

How do you keep cool on a hot day? The water play area at the park! I think this is a fantastic idea. The kids just had to push a button to re-start the water since it only worked in 10-minute increments (to avoid wasting water).
Water flowed from pipes and showers-it poured from buckets -it spray in streams across the play area-they could even spray it at each other. They had a blast!
The best part is that it was free! We discovered it when we played at the park in a small town in Texas.
We weren't really prepared to play in the water that day, but eh. The kids were soaked, and complained when they had to ride home in their underwear. I think the intense heat dried them off, and then a coke float at Sonic eased their complaints.
That is what summer is all about.
By the way, it is only 54 degrees here this morning in Germany. Maybe this will be the only water experience we have this month!

4 fabulous friends:

LiteralDan said...

Man, that looks like fun. I could use one of those right about now-- Texas has got nothing on us the past week or so.

Anonymous said...

I'll trade my 98 for your 54 anyday!

Bilary said...

How fun! 54 sounds SOOOO nice. I am just hoping for a good thunderstorm today. Keeping my fingers crossed...

Andrea said...

Hello All-
I don't miss that hot, humid weather.

I will wish for cooler weather for you! Wait!!! It wouldn't be summer without hot weather-now would it??