This is crazy

I know this is crazy, but even at my mother's house I find myself wiping off the counters and putting the last bit of dishes away before I retire for the night. Am I crazy or what? I am supposed to be on vacation!?! To honor the tradition of "vacation", I declare that I will sleep in until noon, not touch the laundry, read all day and enjoy that fabulous orange cream slush from Sonic that I tried the other day all.by.myself. Yum.

Oh yeah, I forgot. I have kids.

FYI. Sonic has a website with great drink ideas. But, do not, repeat DO NOT, look at the nutritional information. I just had a peak and about died when I saw how the dreamy, creamy slush drink racks up on carbs, fat, sugar, and calories.

I'm so, so glad I don't live near one all of the time.

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Bilary said...

hey, if you are going to enjoy something yummy from Sonic, seriously - WHO CARES ABOUT THE FAT, CALORIES, etc? Just enjoy that baby!

I am so glad that you are having fun. I totally understand where you are coming from on the picking up and wiping off counters, etc. But I think you are just being a polite guest. When you leave, your mom won't say, "WHEW! THOSE BUGGERS ARE FINALLY GONE!" She will really enjoy the time with you and be sad to see you go.

Still can't wait to see some pics of your vacation!!!:)

LiteralDan said...

That sounds like a pretty cool vacation, really, but don't feel too bad about the compulsive tidying up. It's a way of life, and you don't want to break the habit.

Andrea said...

I think the tidying up means that I "feel at home" and that's a good thing.

I had another cream slush-the orange totally reminds me of creamsicles. Do they still make those?!? Heavenly.

mindy said...

Yummy! Sonic....mmmmmmm (dreamy look in my eyes - mouth salivating... =))I sure do miss all those yummy places!

Rhea said...

Try to relax and enjoy your vacation! I know it's hard to turn off sometimes. :o)

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is possible for a mom to truly be on vacation...unless it is on a small island off Italy, eating grapes, and being catered to by a patrick dempsey look-alike...no kids, of course!

Natalie said...

i feel like i have to clean when i am at my family's houses. if i didn't i think they might think i am a slob. which i admit i can be sometimes. i relaxed a ton after having kids, because i found myself starting to have nervous breakdowns when things weren't done to my specifications. i don't care nearly as much as i used to! sometimes i wish i did!