The Morning Routine

Nicholas has to have cereal almost as soon as his feet hit the floor in the morning. He pours the cereal and then "pat-pat-pat"-he pats his cereal down. I have made the mistake of pouring the milk before this ritual commences, and milk goes everywhere. On this particular morning we are conserving milk so that everyone can have some. We need to make a quick trip to get some basics (milk, bread, bananas, washing detergent, chocolate for mommy) at the local market. Nick had eaten one bowl and wanted another. Brother Ryan was back in his room because he couldn't seem to talk without whining. He still needed breakfast.

Nick "Just little bit of milk?"
Me "Yes, save some for Ry please"
Nick "This much?", filling the bowl and shaking the now empty carton

Ryan had soymilk on his cereal this morning. I hope he didn't notice.

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Bilary said...

Isn't that just how it goes? I love that you put in there that you need chocolate at the store for mommy.

I just made some chocolate crinkle cookies last night for my sister's baby shower tomorrow night. Guess who ate half the batch already? Yep, me. Guess who gets to make more cookies today? Yep, Me again. Oops! I love chocolate!